CRS is committed to improving the lives of patients by serving as an integral part of their healthcare team by leveraging imaging technology to see where others cannot. In order to provide high quality patient care throughout Mississippi, CRS’s specialty trained providers participate in ongoing radiology training and provide direct access to referring physicians.

CRS participates with all major insurance plans accepted by the healthcare facilities for which we provide coverage, and we partner with each respective facility to help meet the specific charity care needs of the community. Depending on the facility and individual services provided, proof of insurance coverage may be required at the time that patient care is rendered.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding patient bills and medical records for radiology services:


Radiologists perform over 200 diagnostic exams and interventional procedures using a variety of imaging technologies, including x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, and mammography. For detailed descriptions of available radiology treatments and imaging safety, please visit

How do I schedule a visit?

All visits must be scheduled through your healthcare provider. For a list of covered facilities in a community near you, please click here.

How do I get a copy of my medical record?

Patient medical records are maintained by the healthcare facility where the imaging procedure or exam was performed. For a list of contact numbers for our covered facilities please click here.

How do I pay my bill?

Payments may be sent by mail or made through our billing company’s secured online portal. 

Mail to: 

Comprehensive Radiology Services
PO Box 3488
DEPT# 05-151
Tupelo, MS 38803-3488

Pay Online:

For more instructions on how to pay online please click here.

For additional questions regarding your bill, please contact our billing vendor at 800-475-3698.

Why did I receive a separate bill from a radiologist when I never saw a radiologist during my healthcare visit?

Radiologist often serve as an integral member of your healthcare team by interpreting the images scanned during your visit “behind the scenes.” These diagnostic radiology services include the physician’s review of images for anomalies or signs of illness and collaboration with appropriate members of patient care team. 

If your services were provided at a hospital covered by CRS, then you will receive separate bills from the facility and the physician(s) providing treatment. If your imaging services were provided at certain outpatient physician practices that are covered by CRS, then you will receive one global bill for all services provided.

Does Comprehensive Radiology Services (CRS) provide charity care?

CRS awards charity care for uninsured patients that meet certain eligibility criteria at the facility where the patient is treated. In order to apply for CRS’s charity care program, please provide a letter showing charity care awarded by the treating facility. This letter should including the patient’s name, date of service, and the discount percentage awarded.